Born in the Ivory Coast, Lydie Koffi Omesiete has always had a strong connection to music. She comes from a family of singers and musicians, so it was only natural that she would fall in love with music as well. She first discovered her talent for singing at the age of seven, when her father encouraged her to sing a solo at church.

Lydie received both a B.A. degree in Vocal Performance and a Master of Arts in Teaching in Music Education degree at Piedmont College. She is currently a middle and high school chorus and drama teacher, helping young people discover their full potential in music and the performing arts.

Lydie also cherishes singing at churches, hoping that others will find comfort and peace through worship music. Her album, What's Next?, a collection of 12 Don Gnecco songs, was released September 12th, 2016.

"Love Lifts Me Up High," was recorded in July 2018, and is a song of peace and love. It was one of the ten finalist songs in the 2018 Tipperary International Song of Peace Contest.

  Lydie's album - What Next?
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