The backyard...a place of solace and reflection.
Flowing Fountain
Nature...the ultimate source of inspiration..


Spiritual music. Among my many personal and musical experiences, it is a real pleasure to contribute to the music program at Unity Church of Gainesville, Georgia. And, it is an honor that several pieces have been published by Unity International.

We are blessed to have a view of the Blue Ridge Mountains and peaceful and beautiful backyard...a place for gatherings, reading, and reflection.

Nancy and I reside in the small village of Demorest, the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and on the southern coast of Maine. Our three adult offspring--Jeff (and his wife, Kate...and Marina and our newest grandson, Robin James), Gregg (and his wife, Tonia), and Katherine (and her husband, Alex...along with our grand-daughters Eliza and Emilia and our grandson, Levi)--are off leading their own lives, but two pups (Rosie and Pippi) keep us company and provide sufficient activity in the house. When in Maine, we also enjoy walks at the nearby Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge in Wells.

In addition to songwriting, I am fortunate to have many diverse interests and activities. I enjoy being outdoors, especially gardening and landscaping in the backyard. I am also very much at home in my basement workshop, working with either stained glass or wood.

Over the years, I have enjoyed choral singing--in church choirs, the Mountain Voices Community Chorus, the Piedmont College Chorale, Southern Maine Chorale, the Seaglass Chorale, Notre Dame College Concert Choir, and Tri-City Community Chorus. I have also enjoyed participating in community theatre productions. My favorite role was Max Detweiller in two Seaglass productions of The Sound of Music.

I am often asked how songs are born, whether I write the lyrics or the music first, etc. My general response is that I'm not really writing them...I'm merely writing them down. Several years ago, a colleague argued songs are really poems set to music (an assumption with which I do not entirely agree!) and suggested that I write an article for a university creative magazine. The article, published in The Last Word at University of New England, is entitled, "Songwriting: A Double Process - And Twice the Satisfaction." (pdf - 5.8MB)

My "day job" is at Piedmont College in northeastern Georgia, where I am privileged to serve as the Dean of the School of Education.
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