Christmas Songs

Christmas Time
  All the Stars in the Heavens  
  All Together, We Sing Gloria!  
  Around Your Christmas Tree*  
  Christmas Magic*  
  Dreaming of Christmas Time  
  Feeling Loved at Christmas Time  
  I Still Want an Old Fashioned Christmas  
  It's Christmas Time*  
  It's Christmas Time Once More*  
  Home at Christmas Time Featuring vocalist Lydie Koffi
  Look, It's Christmas!  
  Love at Christmas*  
  My Christmas Star*  
  On Christmas Night*  
Sending Love at Christmas Time*  
  The Star Atop My Tree  
  There Are Signs of Christmas Everywhere I Go  
  Think of Me This Christmas*  
  Touch My Heart at Christmas Time  
  Touch the World*  
  When I Think of Christmas*  
  Wishing for Love at Christmas Time*  
  Wonder of Christmas*  
*On "Sending Love at Christmas Time" album

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