Friendship Around the World
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Students at S.D. Hanson School in Buxton, Maine made their recording debut on March 23rd, 2007. Under the guidance of their music teacher, Ms. Peg McAdam, as well as their classroom teachers, Mrs. Mary Semons and Mrs. Dolores White, these enthusiastic fourth and fifth grade students sang two of Don Gnecco's most recent songs.

"Friendship Around the World" is a song written especially for a school program and carries a universal theme. Music teacher Peg McAdam arranged the song in two parts and vocalist Sherry Allen lent her talents in the final recording. Listen to the song (MP3)

A second song, "In Ev'ry One of Us" was recorded by these enthusiastic singers, along with Sherry Allen: Listen to the song (MP3)


Download lead sheets:

"In Ev'ry One of Us" (pdf)

"Friendship Around the World" (pdf)