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Lydie Koffi


Welcome to DonGnecco.com Thanks for visiting. Learn more about the Don Gnecco songs and albums, as well as biographical information about Don and vocalists Lydie Koffi, Sherry Allen and Cole Martin. More

The 2017 Christmas Song

All the Stars in the Heavens light up the sky

As they must have been seen on that first Christmas night.


Everything Is Possible
When somebody cares.
Everything Is Possible
Knowing someone's there.
Even in the darkest night,
We are not alone.
When the day breaks
Then we'll have
All the love
We have ever known.



How Can I Live in This Very Moment,

Let go of the past and set myself free?

How can I love one day at a time,

Without giving thought to what's yet to be?


"If This Were My Last Day"

If This Were My Last Day
What would I do?
Would I somehow live it differently?

Released Fall 2016

12 Songs of hope, inspiration and encouragement featuring vocalist Lydie Koffi
It's in the iTunes store now!

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Introducing Vocalist Lydie Koffi

Lydie Koffi has had a lifelong love of music. She recently completed a master's degree in music education at Piedmont College and is currently a high school choral music educator. More about Lydie Koffi

Introducing Vocalist Cole Martin

Since childhood, Cole Martin has had a passion for music and is currently a music student at Piedmont College in northeast Georgia. He has recorded two of Don Gnecco's most recent songs.... More

One Song

All Together We Sing Gloria!

"Joy Amid the Gathering Crowd"

Written as a processional, "Joy Amid the Gathering Crowd" is an uplifting instrumental that can also be sung as an anthem. More