Love Songs
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All You Need is Love  
  Here We Are Dancing  
  I Remember  
  In This Moment**  
  It's Always Hard to Say Goodbye***  
  I Won't Ever Stop Loving You  
  Just from Knowing You**  
  Just Reach Out (and Take My Hand)  
  Just Think of Me  
  Knowing You**  
  Listenin' to the Rain  
  Love at Christmas *  
  Love Lifts Me Up High  
  My Christmas Star**  
  Open Your Heart to Love***  
  Remembering the Moments With You  
  Sending Love at Christmas Time*  
  Since I've Been in Love with You**  
  Since I've Found You***  
  Through Your Eyes***  
  When I Think of You**  
  When the Shadows Turn to Night  
  When We're Together**  
  When You Are Beside Me**  
  While Looking for Love I Found Me***  
  Who Could Ask for More?***  
  You're There  
  Your Love Has Changed My Life  
*Sending Love at Christmas Time album | **Castles album | ***Touch the World album