Master Song List

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* Sending Love at Christmas Time album** Castles album • ***Touch the World Album

  An alphabetical listing of the Don Gnecco songs. Click on the title to learn more about the song.  
  A Feeling Inside Me  
  A Proud City Rising Where the Water Falls (Anthem - City of Biddeford, Maine)  
  All the Best I Can Be  
  All the Stars in the Heavens  
  All Together, We Sing Gloria!  
  All You Need is Love  
  Around Your Christmas Tree*  
  At Thanksgiving Time  
  Christmas Magic*  
  Counting Blessings  
  Dawn's Early Light  
  Dreaming of Christmas Time  
  Everything is Possible  
  Feeling Loved at Christmas Time  
  Find Love  
  Follow Your Star***  
  Friendship Around the World  
  God Love the USA  
  Good Night, Heart*** (Lyrics by Malvena Baxter)  
  Good Times, Great Friends (School Song)  
  Help Me Release  
  Here We Are Dancing  
  Home at Christmas Time  
  How Can I Live in This Very Moment?  
  Humble Gold of Daylight (The)  
  I Am Always With You***  
  I Believe in Me (Because of You)**  
  I Can See the Light**  
  I Can't Hang on to Yesterday  
  I Can't Wait for Christmas Night*  
  I Can't Write on the Road  
  I Remember  
  I Still Want an Old Fashioned Christmas  
  If I Could Only Have One Wish For You  
  If This Were My Last Day  
  If We'll Look for Peace  
  If We'll Just Believe  
  I'm So Crazy in Love With You  
  In Ev'ry One of Us  
  In This Moment**  
  It's Always Hard to Say Goodbye***  
  It's Christmas Time*  
  It's Christmas Time Once More*  
  I Won't Ever Stop Loving You  
  It's a Wonder  
  Joy Amid the Gathering Crowd  
  Just Believe***  
  Just from Knowing You**  
  Just Reach Out (and Take My Hand)  
  Just Think of Me  
  Knowing You**  
  Let Your Light Shine***  
  Life's Ups and Downs  
  Listenin' to the Rain  
  Look, It's Christmas!  
  Look to the Light***  
  Love at Christmas *  
  Love Lifts Me Up High  
  Loving Kindness  
  Loving Light  
  Memories of Home  
  My Christmas Star*  
  Oh I Believe  
  On Christmas Night*  
  On Wings of Song  
  One Light  
  One Song  
  One Time in My Life  
  Open Our Hearts and Our Minds  
  Open Your Heart  
  Open Your Heart to Love***  
  Remembering the Moments With You  
  Sending Love at Christmas Time*  
  Since I've Been in Love with You**  
  Since I've Found You***  
  Sometimes Dreams Come True  
  The Star Atop My Tree  
  There Are Signs of Christmas Everywhere I Go  
  There's a New World**  
  Think of Me This Christmas*  
  Through Your Eyes***  
  Touch the World* ***  
  We Come in Thanks  
  Welcome Home, My Little One  
  When I Think of Christmas*  
  When I Think of You**  
  When the Shadows Turn to Night  
  When We're Together**  
  When You Are Beside Me**  
  When You're Doin' What You Love**  
  Where Am I to Go?  
  While Looking for Love I Found Me***  
  Who Could Ask for More?***  
  Wishing for Love at Christmas Time  
  With One Voice  
  Wonder of Christmas*  
  You Are My Joy**  
  You Believed in Me***  
  You Can Heal Your Life  
  You Have Changed My Life  
  You're Not Alone Anymore  
  You're There  
  You Were Always There  
  Your Love Has Changed My Life