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We Raise Our Voices

We Raise Our Voices together in song.

Our hearts are open as we sing along.

Worries and cares seem to fade away

When we come together in song.

Christmas Time is the Season for Love

Christmas Time is the Season for Love,

A time for ev'ry boy and girl,

Hearts are light and the candles glow bright.

The season of hope for the world.



Love Lifts Me Up High

Loving's all we need to do.

Love Lifts Me Up High.

And the miracle of life comes shining through.


Everything Is Possible
When somebody cares.
Everything Is Possible
Knowing someone's there.
Even in the darkest night,
We are not alone.
When the day breaks
Then we'll have
All the love
We have ever known.

If This Were My Last Day, what would I do?

Would I somehow live it differently?


All the Stars in the Heavens light up the sky

As they must have been seen on that first Christmas night.

Lighting the darkness, guiding the way,

To right where the Christ child lay.



Released in September 2016


12 songs of hope, inspiration and encouragement
featuring vocalist Lydie Koffi
It's in the iTunes store now!

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The 2015 Christmas Song:

All of the love in ev'ry heart
Shines like the star on my tree.
All that we are, all we can be
Comes Home at Christmas Time

Somehow I know that you are always at my side.

I know that you believe in me.

You give me hope that I can make it if I try.

And thanks to you, Your Love Has Changed My Life.


You taught me to try my best,
No matter what I do.
You were so encouraging
When I tried something new.

What's Next?
I Don't Know What to do...

I'm so confused that I can't see that What's Next?

It could be so incredible.

Now I see my dreams come true.

You Can Heal Your Life,
Do anything that you want to.

You Can Heal Your Life,
Discover new ways to be.
Knowing at your core
That life is so much more.
Changing thoughts and loving lots
Will make your spirit soar.

Inspired by the book by Louise Hay

How Can I Live in This Very Moment,

Let go of the past and set myself free?

How can I love one day at a time,

Without giving thought

To what's yet to be?