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Lead Sheet(s)
A Proud City Rising Where the Water Falls (Anthem - City of Biddeford, Maine)
Follow Your Star***
God Love the USA
Good Night, Heart*** (Lyrics by Malvena Baxter)
Good Times, Great Friends (School Song)
Bb C D Eb
Here We Are Dancing
Humble Gold of Daylight (The)      
I Am Always With You***
I Remember      
In Ev'ry One of Us
  It's Always Hard to Say Goodbye***
  Life's Ups and Downs
  Memories of Home
  On Wings of Song
  One Light
Bb/C Eb/F
  One Time in My Life
  There's a New World**
  Through Your Eyes***
  Touch the World* ***
choral version
  When the Shadows Turn to Night
  When We're Together**
  When You're Doin' What You Love**
  Where Am I to Go?
  Who Could Ask for More?***
  You Are My Joy****
* Sending Love at Christmas Time album** Castles album • ***Touch the World Album